When I decided to start this new blog a couple of weeks ago, I set a few guidelines for how I'd go about writing on it: no long queue of articles to be written, no obsessing over whether I was had a 100% factual and logically-sound argument. And, that I'd simply write whenever inspiration hit me.

Well, inspiration has hitten me a few times since I published my last post. And a few times I've sat down, enthusiastically started up a new post, and got to writing. But, each time I hit a dead-end trying to wrangle my hazy (though strongly-felt) thoughts into something coherent.

My guess is that this is something most people have trouble with when they start writing regularly. And my other guess is that I'll get quicker at it the more times I push my way through it. But in the meantime, it sure is frustrating.

Also it's threatening the continuity of my new blog, right from the jump. Disheartening on account of all my other guidelines were working out so well thus far…